KALI Linux 1.0.6 released
A few days back the developers of one of the most advance open source operating system for penetration testing called 'KALI Linux' announced that they were planning to include "emergency self-destruction of LUKS".
They patched a utility called cryptsetup, which introduces a self destruction feature that will allow the Kali user to encrypt the full hard disk to make the data inaccessible in an emergency case by entering a secret password at boot time.

Offensive Security has finally announced today the release of the latest version i.e. Kali Linux 1.0.6 with Kernel version 3.12, and also added the Self Destruct feature along with many new penetration testing and hacking tools.

The new release also includes an ARM image script, that allow the user to build Kali Linux images for various ARM devices. Some more scripts are also added that enables the user to build their own custom Amazon AMI and Google Compute cloud images.

If you already have a Kali Linux installed on your system, you don't need to download the new setup. You can easily upgrade your installation to the latest version of the Kali Linux using the following commands:
root@kali:~# apt-get update
root@kali:~# apt-get dist-upgrade
or you can download complete ISO of KALI Linux 1.0.6 here.

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