New ZeuS Malware spreading automatically via USB Flash Drives
The notorious Zeus Trojan, a family of banking malware known for stealing passwords and draining the accounts of its victims, has steadily increased in recent months.

The malware family itself is frequently updated with mechanisms designed to evade detection by antivirus and network security appliances.
Trend Micro experts spotted another new variant of ZBOT Malware which is capable of spreading itself automatically via USB Flash Drives or removable drives.

According to report, this particular ZBOT variant arrives through a malicious PDF file disguised as a sales invoice document and when user opens this file using Adobe Reader, it triggers an exploit.

Malware also has an auto update module, so that it can download and run an updated copy of itself. To self propagate, it creates a hidden folder with a copy of itself inside the USB drive with a shortcut pointing to the hidden ZBOT copy.
Zeus has been so successful it's been made into an exploit kit, a packaged malware that is setup to allow even inexperienced cybercriminals to use it. ZeuS continues to be a formidable malware which is becoming more dangerous with each improvement made to it.

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