Anonymous user asked a question on Quora that, How and Why Google is showing p*rn results in when one type equation -4^(1/4) into Google search query ? This is really a very strange bug on Google.


Just after that Jeremy Hoffman, Google software engineer replied him, "Hi, I'm a Google search engineer. Anon User and Anon User did some excellent analysis. As a web search query, [-4^(1/4)] is interpreted like [-4 "1 4"], as in "Find me pages which contain a 1 next to a 4, but which do not contain a 4." This should return zero results, because it is impossible to satisfy both requirements."

The bug was apparently uncovered via when user tried to use Google for solving mathematical equations, but the search engine misinterpret his queries. Because it was a combination of impossible questions Google brings back p*rn sites results, any Logic ?
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Some similar example Queries are:
How -s "s 2″ a impossible query ? According to Google advance search options,when one is asking for -s "s 2″, it means you're asking Google to find pages that have the letter S on them but which don't have the letter S in a phrase like "s 2." It should be impossible to find a match for this.

Even my Safe Results option is enables in search preference, I still can see these p*rn results as shown above:
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"However, we have uncovered a bug that causes some web pages to "match" these contradictory queries. Since these are the only results that "match" the query, they are the results that get shown. We are working on a bug fix." Jeremy also said.

As always Google said, A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.

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