Hacker Supporting Anonymous Group, with his nickname - "PV~E.rr0r" hack 516 websites. Deface page shows a very cool animated Anonymous logo with text "We unite as one but no one can divide us. Expect us!"

Because hacker intention was not to harm the website, so he has not change or delete any file, rather he just just upload his deface page on each site at "/Err0r.html" .
The Hacker News

In a message, Hacker told The Hacker News that purpose of hacking website is just to show their admins that they are vulnerable and need more security. Hacker also mention on deface page "Hello admin, I am here to warn you about your secrutiy, It kinda sucks 70% Security 30% Dumbness. We hacked this site to put a warning before the Blackhat hackers come. Please cooperate!"

Rest at end page reads "We are Anonymous, We are legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget, United as one, Divided by zero, Expect us. #Knowledge is power. Don't learn to hack, hack to learn."

Pastebin link to List of Hacked Sites : https://pastebin.com/Bf7rRwkN

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