DarkComet-RAT v5.1 Released - Remote Administration Tool
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This new version of the famous darkcomet RAT , a remote management tool created by DarkCoderSc . DarkComet is also considered as the most stable RAT around and it is even regarded more stable than some professional ones.

Change Log:
- [GUI ] Control center GUI change a little bit
- [FUNC] New functions added in control center >> Network category, called WIFI Access points, now you can see near wifi networks and hardware wifi card(s)
- [GUI ] Now in layout settings you can change the main windows GUI if you don't like the default one.
- [FIX ] Fix the ftp upload keylogger problem
- [SYS ] Edit server settings system was revised and optimized
- [FIX ] DNS/IP backups issue fixed
- [SYS ] DNS/IP backups algorythm revised and more reliable
- [SYS ] Big problem fixed in client / server system
- [SYS ] Loader environement is more lite, unused function / variables been track and clean also few important functions been optimized
- [SYS ] Sound capture multithreading revised
- [SYS ] Server listenner multithreading revised
- [GUI ] Edit Server GUI changed, it is now more user friendly, also some help is now available for basic functions
- [FIX ] Custom icon loader fixed
- [FUNC] Quick Download / Upload added, it will upload / download single file very simply / fast and 100% multithreaded (can load infinite instance for each users)
- [FUNC] Add new Server Function, Upload file and execute
- [FUNC] HTML Scripting upload / execute improved and using the new upload system
- [FUNC] Batch Scripting upload / execute improved and using the new upload system
- [FUNC] VBS Scripting upload / execute improved and using the new upload system
- [FUNC] Update server improved and using the new upload system
- [GUI ] Sound capture design change a little bit
- [GUI ] Toast interface been improved
- [FUNC] Add two quick actions in Toast, open control center and kill user process
- [FUNC] Plugin upload remade using the new upload system
- [GUI ] Password interface been improved
- [FUNC] Export password list function added
- [FUNC] New function added in Computer Information tab, it will dump a lot of information about the remote computer (cant take up to 3min)

- [FUNC][HOT] Now you can edit the remote server using generated patch from edit server (change the settings in edit server then in finalization generate a new patch then upload to the user and it will take effect at the next process startup)
- [FUNC] Add a notification when you wan't to uninstall the server from the SIN
- [FIX ] Bug fixed on SIN when there is no user and you click on some shortcut
- [FUNC] Minimal edit server added, very simple, fast to use and good for newbies or people that doesn't need tons of choices but just the most important
- [FUNC] New IA system, detect if an old instance of DarkComet running at the same installation path, if yes it will regenerate a new path then avoid kind of installation errors
- [FUNC] Update from file added in SIN popup (users)
- [FIX ][HOT] A very huge bug was fixed in the connection thread, this was affecting random users and explain why they can't get connections.
- [FIX ] Password grabber support now FireFox 9 , 10 and 11 (the latest version)
- [GUI ] Windows 7 only, a green icon appear in taskbar icon when there is a least one port that listen successfully
- [GUI ] Now you can disable the default main window layout with a normal one
- [FIX ] Keepalive thread bug fixed
- [FUNC] DarkComet Logs is stored in a different dir now
- [FIX ] An issue in webcam capture, you need to wait that all threads are correctly shutdown before doing another capture
- [GUI ] The webcam capture user interface changed :)
- [FUNC] Remote chat plugin added
- [FIX ] If my server isn't able to be join, then the SOCKET ERROR will be mute and it will simply not update the noip.
- [FIX ] Uninstall bug fixed if using remote cmd befores
- [FIX ] When you cancel a transfer, the file handler is release
- [FIX ] Remote messagebox function is now async, it will not block other tasks until the remote user click
- [FIX ] Buz function is now async, same as messagebox

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