Hackers to release 0-days in comics
The Hacker News
Hackers frequently disclose vulnerabilities in various products, but taking it to a whole new level, now hackers and malware coders are planning to release actual 0-days through their own comic books. The Malware conference, Malcon announced it on their groups yesterday.

In the making from last three months, the comic is planned for release with objective of simplifying and helping coders understand the art behind malcoding for offensive defense and security.

It is learned that there will be two formats for the comic - a web and a printed version. The printed version will be specifically for the Indian Government officials, Intelligence agencies and Law enforcement groups, who are regular attendees at the conference.

This is also seen as a remarkable and significant point in the history and evolution of hackers and also points at things to come in wake of real threats with respect to cyber warfare capabilities of India in future.

On condition of anonimity a supporting member said "It is fascinating - just imagine, you read this hack in a freshly released comic book and can actually play it out in real world and exploit it till the time the vendors fix it! I mean we have seen hacking techniques adapted in movies and books, but taking one from and using in real world - its weird and fantastic!"

The comic will have a super hero or not is yet to be disclosed - however, Professional hackers are already "excited" at this and have poured in their support to MalCon to help them in the project.

Guess we can now read comics officially on job and tell our bosses "Its for data security!"

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