Persistent XSS vulnerability in eBuddy Web Messenger
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A team member from Virtual Luminous Security, Russian Federation, has discovered a persistent XSS vulnerability in eBuddy (the biggest web IM solution in the world) by transmitting messages with embedded encoded javascript code.
In-depth detail
eBuddy Web Messenger suffers from an encoded-Persistent XSS vulnerability in the messaging function. (while sendingA message with embedded code to another authorized user in eBuddy WebMessenger).

Exploit example
Plain XSS (Not going to store, nor execute)
<script>alert('eBuddy Persistent XSS');</script>
[*] The attacker sends the encoded embedded code in an IM message.

The Hacker News
[*] The victim receives the message with the encoded embedded code and it executes on the victims browser.
The Hacker News

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