Iframe Injection & Blind SQL Injection vulnerability on Apple.com exposed by Idahc(lebanese hacker)
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After Sony hacks, Idahc(lebanese hacker) is back to strike Apple.com . He found two vulnerability on https://consultants.apple.com/ as listed below.

Iframe Injection : Click here
Blind SQL INjection: Click Here

Examples of the injections:
Example One
Example two

Two days before Another sub-domain of Apple's database was hacked with SQL injection by Anonymous : Read Here

Hacker Expose the Database ,extracted using Blind Sql injection on a pastebin link.
The Hacker News
According to Hacker "I am Idahc(lebanese hacker) I found a Blind SQLI and Iframe Injection on AppleI am not one of Anonymous or Lulzsecand I am against The ANTISEC OPERATIONBUt this is a poc with not confidential informationI didn't dump users,emails,passwords........".

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