I'm assuming everyone reading already knows about Ophcrack – the awesome time/memory trade-off password cracker.
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Well here is a nifty web-based interface for it. Rainbow Tables are really useful when cracking password hashes, but one major disadvantage of these tables is their size which can be hundreds of gigs for complex tables. The author thought it would be extremely useful to have a personal web interface for your rainbow tables which you can access from anywhere on the web anywhere without having to carry the large tables with you everywhere you go. And well here we are, Wophcrack (Web) Ophcrack.
When cracking LM or NTLM hashes Ophcrack is a great tool as we discussed recently, it provides both a GUI and CLI options along with some free and paid tables. The author basically wrote a quick and dirty PHP based web frontend for Ophcrack.
Wophcrack was designed to work on Backtrack 4 R2, Although it can be install on any Linux distribution with some small adjustments, Wophcrack can also easily edited to support Rainbow Crack.
You can download Wophcrack here:
wophcrack.zip Or read more here.

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