Beware : Php Shell By Trick (TeaMp0isoN) was a Back-doored Shell !
Today we got an email from Pak Cyber Army as shown above...,They Provide us a report also in attachment regarding the TeaMp0isoN Shell - Private Build [BETA] - v0.1 , Few days back Trick have submit us a own made private shell to publish. But Today PCA email us and show that proofs that this shell is modified form of FX29 Shell (FaTaLisTiCz_Fx Fx29Sh , They also said that Trick Include a Backdoor in this shell,So Beware to use this shell > Please Don't Use that shell, Other wise your ftp may be hacked.

Here is Trick's Shell : Click Here
Here is FaTaLisTiCz_Fx Fx29Sh Shell : Click Here

Fx29 shell Pic :

Trick's Shell pic :

Encoded Code, that has been decoded in above pics

Code Comparison of Both Shells

News Source : Pakistan Cyber Army

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