"VERA is a Visualizing Executables for Reversing and Analysis tool. It is a tool for reverse engineering Windows executables. It is used in conjunction with the Ether framework to generate visualizations to help with the RE process."
The Hacker News

This is the official change log:
Added processing of trace files without having to use gengraph via new wizard
Better handling of low memory situations
Major code cleanup, refactoring, and new buzzwordy sounding tasks
Added a toolbar, because everyone loves those
Added IDA integration and IDA Pro module
Fixed a bug involving parsing of non-traditional Ether trace files
Now should support larger and more complicated graphs
Author getting paid to write and support VERA.
This new version contains a bunch of new features and API improvements. The two biggest updates are the addition of the trace file parsing and analysis inside of the GUI. This alleviates the need for the gengraph.exe program. The next big feature is the integration with IDA Pro. Currently it only supports version 5.6 and 6.0 versions of IDA. Finally, VERA now includes documentation.

Download VERA v0.3

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