TheHackerNews and CyberArmy(India)
Facebook Pages Hacked By Albania Security Group !
The Hacker News

Link of pages :

Albania Security Group !! The Group is created by 4 members !! hacker twilight ,akrepi hacker , BombRun , WarBot ! They have hacked 300 facebook fan pages in 1 day !

No issue for us, Because If Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Fan Page can be Hacked , then no-one is secure on Facebook !
The Hacker News

Thanks to Albania Security Group, They prove that Security is really from you !!
I read the script these guys used to hack us... and really wanna appreciate, they did damn awesome job.

Update : Both Facebook Pages Successfully Retrieved By Owner Of "The Hacker News" , - Security is From you !!

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