One affair about The Daily that ashamed me from the additional I aboriginal laid eyes on the iPad bi-weekly that launched bygone is that there is no one abode area you can see a simple account of every news in the issue. There is a table of contents, but it shows alone ten featured stories. Like any acceptable hack, The Daily: Indexed creates a affection that is missing from the aboriginal but is acutely needed. The Tumblr blog put calm by Andy Baio creates a complete table of capacity for The Daily.
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The Daily: Indexed is causing a activity because The Daily is a subscription-only advertisement meant to be apprehend on the iPad. The Daily's website is not abundant added than brochureware for the iPad app at this point, but there is a backdoor to every story. Whenever a subscriber shares a news via email, Twitter, or Facebook from their iPads—like this one about Amish raw milk smugglers—the recipients get a articulation to the news on You can't acquisition these belief by analytic the armpit because there is no chase or alike any way to cross from the home folio to any of the articles. But the pages are there and Baio artlessly begin the links and created a table of capacity pointing to anniversary page.

I absolutely don't anticipate this does annihilation added than accommodate chargeless business to The Daily. The accessories on the Web attending like applesauce compared to account them on the iPad. And abounding of the alternate cartoon and photos are not accessible on the Web. It's aloof a more good acquaintance on the iPad (whether it's account advantageous for is addition question, but time will tell).

The iPad adaptation could use a more good table of contents, though, or an basis of every news in the issue. Right now, if it is not one of the ten featured belief in the table of contents, you accept to cast through a carousel or timeline of images to see everything. The iPad app would be abundant easier to cross if it had a folio that was like The Daily: Indexed, but pointing to added belief central the app.

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