Right now you can download a 4.7 gigabyte book abounding of about 50,000 emails baseborn from a computer aegis able called Aaron Barr. That's what happens aback you cantankerous the hacking aggregate Anonymous.
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Hackers from Anonymous, best-known for attacks on Scientology and Wikileaks detractors, besmirched Barr's online activity Sunday black afterwards acquirements he planned to accommodated with the FBI tomorrow and duke over advice he'd aggregate about them. They defaced the website of HBGary Federal, the D.C.-based computer aegis close Barr works for. Again they took over Barr's Twitter account, tweeting his amusing aegis cardinal and a book absolute 50,000 HBGary aggregation emails. They alike affirmation to accept wiped his iPad.

Barr became a ambition of Anonymous afterwards he appeared in a Financial Times commodity this weekend claiming he'd "penetrated" the group, anecdotic associates by watching their chats and allegory amusing networking profiles. He declared a bureaucracy of 30 amount Anonymous associates forth with 10 who "are the best chief and according and administer best of the decisions." Barr said the advice could advice authorities accomplish arrests in their advancing analysis into Anonymous' "Operation Payback" attacks adjoin Mastercard and Visa in December; he casting Anonymous as an organized abomination syndicate about to be absolute open.

This pissed off Anonymous. They see themselves as an absolutely autonomous accumulation of untraceable Internet users who appear and go as they please. It didn't advice that members' aplomb in their anonymity had already been ashamed by a alternation of high-profile FBI raids.

"The commodity is complete crap. He's one of the millions of aegis accoutrement who anticipate they apperceive what they're talking about," an Anonymous accessory told us. "There's absolutely no hierarchy.... no one can acquaint anyone abroad what to do." And from what we and others accept seen, he's right.

So Anonymous hackers went to work. Their acerbity was added stoked aback they apparent in Barr's email annual a certificate absolute the absolute names and claimed advice of doubtable Anonymous members, forth with break he was activity to advertise it to the FBI. According to our source, the hackers absitively to accost Barr directly. They articular the handle he'd been application to spy on their accumulation for months: "CogAnon". Again they absorbed CogAnon into a babble allowance and appear that he'd been compromised.

"All your emails were dropped. Meaning we apperceive you were aggravating to advertise your fucking analysis to the FBI. And the sad affair is the names and advice in that document//research is all fucking fake… you could accept gotten a lot of accidental innocent bodies arrested," wrote one Anonymous member.

"That's an old adaptation of my research…. not aggravating to advertise it... abundant has changed," Barr wrote.

"I saw your most recent abstracts and it's all the aforementioned shit," airtight aback addition Anonymous member.

Though they affirmation it was riddled with inaccuracies, the hackers promptly acquaint the document, as if to prove how little they cared about the information.

This is a archetypal approach of advance for Anonymous aback they're up adjoin an alone or lightly-defended target: Dig up arcane advice through hacking or amusing engineering, again dump it on the Internet as a "fuck you." They did it to a blowing absorb advocate in England, aperture a database of 5,000 porn pirates he advised to sue. And, yes, they did it to Gawker. No admiration they like Wikileaks.

In this case, Anonymous' advance will apparently aloof accompany added scrutiny. HBGary architect Greg Hoglund told Brian Krebs. "They didn't aloof aces on any company, but we try to assure the US government from hackers. They couldn't accept called a worse aggregation to aces on."

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