r00tsecurity.org & uNknown.eu servers hacked by TeaMp0isoN !!
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Intro to TeaMp0isoN

[#] TeaMp0isoN was established in mid-2009, the team consists of blackhats & hacktivists.
[#] Reason for Hacking uNk: They claim to be the best hacking/security forum in the scene,
they also claim to be "underground" - you cant be underground and have a forum. [#] Reason for Hacking r00tsecurity: They also claim to be one of the best forums in the scene,
they even went to the extent of saying "we also have the goal to give you the most security as possible by not keeping logs or IPs." - as you read on you will come to find out that they store
logs and IPs and are not secure at all.
[#] Reason for Hacking yah-kings: it was a script-kiddie forum, with alot of fake-users(bots)
used to make the forum look like it has alot of active members. oh and thier slogan was
"The Eleet Godz" - 

Hacked Data from r00tsecurity.org & uNknown.eu
See here : https://pastebin.com/AQGJUaCN

News Source : TeaMp0isoN

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