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New PlayStation 3 Firmware Hacked Within 24 Hours of its Release !

Sony’s been arena cat-and-mouse with PS3 firmware crackers, and beneath than a day afterwards its adaptation 3.56 firmware was released, hackers accept baffled Sony’s locks.

If you’ve gotten acclimated to accepting custom firmware on your Sony PlayStation 3, the association over at KaKaRoToKS, accepted for custom PS3 firmware, accept absurd the most recent firmware (version 3.56) appear by Sony in beneath than 24 hours afterwards the update’s release.

While Sony’s been attempting to abolish any fresh versions of custom 3.56 firmware via DMCA appraisal notices from Github, you can still get a authority of the most recent custom firmware (failOverFlow) done up by KaKaRoToKS over at Gitorious. The advantage abaft custom firmwares (some custom firmwares don’t acquiesce you to charlatan games) is that they acquiesce you to install your own amalgamation files like the ones from Sony’s PSN.

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