The FBI announced today that they have executed over 40 search warrants in connection with the UK Metropolitan Police against Wikileaks DDoS'ing participants of "enemies."
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Unlike police met, the FBI did not reveal many details about who may have executed the arrest warrants against, or more precisely what they sought. It is likely that the intention to seize equipment used in the attacks compared with the papers relating to the planning and execution of attacks.

FBI press release indicates that the attackers created tools to attack Mastercard, Visa and others.

I think most of the attackers used an "off the shelf" DDoS tool called Loic is not linked to "Anonymous". Loic was developed by Alexander M. Batishchev which by definition makes no anonymous ...

This suggests that the creation of a multitool that is why they are running the command of the strike a chill in me. It would be like going after Stanley Tools for the manufacture of the hijackers used knives. 9-11 I hope it's an honest mistake.
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Although it took a lot of criticism from some readers of our warnings about the crime to participate in DDoS attacks, the FBI clearly states that:

"The FBI also is reminding the public that facilitating or conducting a DDoS attack is illegal, punishable by up to 10 years in prison, as well as exposing participants to significant civil liability."

If you are a director of Sophos and be sure your organization does not have a free spirit who wants to use its assets to assist in these types of attacks, you can simply block LOIC AUP (PUPs).

In addition to properly configuring your client to the firewall does not permit the exit unknown internet access applications, you can also stop unknown malware tools yet invented.

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