Maybe it was Mark Zuckerberg fan site hack that led upgrade security of Facebook, but for some reason, users now have access HTTPS. Facebook will leave the office during the next few weeks, which means that user activity is now encrypted when it hits a Web server.
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This is mainly useful when you connect via a wireless network There are many ways for hackers to track your movements on the social network, including the popular Four sheep plug-in for Firefox. Use an HTTPS connection does not guarantee you safe from prying eyes, but it adds an additional obstacle to overcome. Including one for users: Facebook warns that HTTPS will cause the page load a limp.

In a blog post, Facebook says that even if it is a general improvement, labor is not privacy. "Some of the features of Facebook, including many third party applications are not supported in HTTPS." Therefore, any purchase of game or information shared in the popular games is Facebook still gaining.

Social network to encourage users who use the site and WiFi networks via HTTPS. This feature is available in Account Settings, the safety component. In the future, this could become the default setting, as well as the policy of encrypting Google. HTTPS has become the default setting for Gmail users in the last year, and other Google properties, including security tool.

Not known for the protection of the site is actively trying to make users' data secure. In addition, companies increase their security, Facebook to launch a remote logout option to safeguard your account after failing to sign out of the device, which does not belong to you through the account settings. Here is a list of websites where you signed away, and you may experience. one-time password can be sent to your mobile phone temporary sessions on public computers or networks.

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