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Web hosting company has announced that Amazon would have access to the Domain Name System (DNS) services, the game will give the DNS hosting as well. Thus, Route 53 will become part of the web hosting, pay-as-you-go DNS hosting service, which pays the amount of DNS issues can be resolved. DNS is the term used when the domain name has been translated into a numeric IP address.

Compared with other traditional DNS server that contains the zone file, Route 53 has some differences. It supports the traditional types of records, including records IPv4 and IPv6, and can be displayed in the web services hosted in the cloud providers and traditional single server. The service is likely to encourage users who want a backup DNS server to a remote network, taking into account that large sites usually prefer to monitor the Internet a vital service.

However, after the controversial case, Wikileaks, the ability Amazon DNS hosting provider can be called into question for many, especially sites that can publish their opinions, which are not as popular in the United States government. When you ask the U.S. politicians Amazon declined Wikileaks site of its Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service.

Considering the handling of Amazon Wikileaks, and the fact that the domain registrars already offer customers free DNS servers that host the new service company DNS can not appeal to smaller outfits. For this reason, can claim that it can not be the best time for Amazon to launch a DNS hosting service. Amazon hosting provider has attempted to broaden its revenue base for some time, Route 53 is the latest in a wide range of products and services.

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