Wikileaks is struggling to return at a new web address,, after hoster threw in the towel in the face of a sustained distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.
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This too appears to have gone down intermittently, whether from service overload or a new DDoS. A ping to the underlying IP, was timing out this morning before returning minutes later.The site has this week become itinerant in the most difficult way imaginable for any web admin.

First Amazon suspended Wikileaks as a customer for reasons that remain clouded in controversy. Amazon says the site broke its rules but others claim that pressure was applied by the US Government. Amazon also came under a DDoS attack it was able to fend off.

Then a day ago, ditched Wikileaks, leaving the site scrambling to find a home.None of this is new to Wikileaks, which has in recent times hosted its primary servers in an underground Cold War bunker under the streets of Stockholm. The metaphor this supplies is starting to look appropriate for a site that has never in its recent existence been popular.

Exactly who would want to DDoS the site is moot given the number of parties that might be offended by its US diplomatic cables leak. It would be easier to list who might not want to stop its operations.

Wikleaks available at :

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