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PCA { Pakistan Cyber Army} Super Moderator Adil got arrested for hacking into president of pakistan website. Also govt of Pakistan to contact interpol to arrest indian hackers Especially ICA/Indishell who attacked pakistani govt websites.

The Federal Investigation Agency's (FIA) Lahore Cyber Crime Wing on Monday arrested a hacker on charges of hacking the personal website of President Asif Ali Zardari (
According to officials, the website was hacked in July and was restored within two days. The accused had changed his web name from Adil to 'Penetrator' when the Cyber Crime Wing started tracing his location.
Adil, who has confessed to hacking the site, says he had done it 'for fun'. He has been handed over to FIA Rawalpindi for further investigation.
Pakistani hackers have recently been involved in a cyber war with Indian hackers, after a group from India hacked Pakistan government sites to mark the anniversary of 26/11 attacks in Mumbai. Hackers from both sides continue to target government and private websites in an 'act of revenge'.

Well Earlier here many peoples try to understand those guys stop all these Stupid War but they don't stop all these things now they all are paying for this.They all are spoling their future by themselves. This is not good news that someone got caught.

Our Suggestions to both pakistanis and Indian hackers plz stop all these things and dont spoil your future.
If you want to do something for your country then do something good you will get nothing form this war

I hope you guys Understand ,
Crew Team,
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