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A hacker who posed as a university graduate to gain access to the e-mails of hundreds of unsuspecting students has been given a suspended prison sentence and ordered to pay more than £20,000 in costs and compensation.
Daniel Woo, a 23-year-old Bulgarian national, was sentenced for offences under the Misuse of Computers Act on 25 November.
Woo was arrested in November 2006 at the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies after being spotted by IT staff investigating anomalies in the running of the computer network.
He used various hacking techniques to break a number of students' passwords, thereby gaining access to their accounts. Woo then placed computer software known as 'Cain and Able' on a number of machines, which enabled him to collect further student passwords and gather traffic passing through the university's computer network.

It was subsequently established that fraud had taken place on a number of the compromised payment accounts.
Woo has also been banned from entering any university, college or place of higher education without the consent of police for 12 months.
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