In an effort to fight cyber terrorism in Brazil, Panda Security has signed an agreement to support the training of the Brazilian Army's operational agents engaged in the battle against Internet-based crime and strategic intervention for cyber warfare.
Panda Security will also provide endpoint protection to 37,500 computers belonging to the Army's Military Commands to counter malware, targeted attacks and web threats.
Panda's anti-malware lab, PandaLabs, will also work with the Army's Cyber-Warfare Communication Center to train those involved in the scientific and forensic investigation of cyber crime. The collaboration will involve the exchange of malware samples, and Panda will provide a rapid response and classification of malicious codes impacting Brazil.
Brig. Gen. Antonino dos Santos Guerra Neto said Brazil has roughly 60,000 computers, and it experiences an average of 100 probes every day across its 12 IT centers.
"We want to protect the integrity of our systems and be prepared for any potentially critical situation," he said.
Panda Security CEO Juan Santana said the experience with the Brazilian Army will help continue the technological evolution of the company's security solutions, which will benefit all Panda users worldwide.
"It will also help create a safer web, which is one of our principal mission values and an integral part of our corporate social responsibility efforts," he said.
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