Indishell Deface Pakistani Website -

Message written By Indishell on

   BhooM!! wtf owned? hell Yeah 0wned by the notorious ICA.. Mr.admin do you even know the meaning of hacking? ... 
   sh-3.1# >./InDiAn CyBeR ArMy 
   sh-3.1# id uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root),    
   Yes!!! We Fucked Your ass ... Porkie Got 0wned again.. PCA mofo's stop being a script kiddie and learn some shit , get a job and have food 2 times a day in your poor fuckin country pottystan 
   sh-3.1#  This is not a dream or a lie its a fucking reality  .. PAYBACK's A BITCH . This is a payback of Hacking indian sites  ,  
   sh-3.1# Duh!!! MR.Admin ASshole Your Scum ass has been owned .. This is what your country hackers are? WTF..!! these are the standards of your Team Porkchutiyaarmy ,    
   sh-3.1# Again your peace deal was broked by UH gaycode5 .. ADIL, HEx , or others dont blame us that we started it again || Security = 0% , Stupidity = 101% ||   
   SiGnEd By, 
    -[SiLeNtp0is0n]- , InXRo0t , Str1k3r , DarKl00k , Ne0h4ck3r , G00gl3W@rri0r , Atuldwivedi , J4ckh4x0r ,  Th3.RDX , MR.52 ;) 

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