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Google Records and Store Your Voice — Here's How to Listen and Delete It

Google Records and Store Your Voice — Here's How to Listen and Delete It

Oct 14, 2015
OK, Google is Listening… and Recording too. Google is not just listening to your searches, but the search engine is also recording and storing every single voice search you make. Google is incredibly accurate at understanding your voice. The company secretly stores its users' searches from its voice-activated assistant Google's Voice Search and search feature Google Now to turn up relevant advertisements as well as improve the feature. But what many of you do not realize is that after every voice searches you made, Google makes a recording of it and stores it in a remote part of your account. Listen to Your Own Voice Recorded by Google However, it's no surprise to know that Google is recording our voice because it's nothing new, but it made me really scary when I heard myself so cleared. Don't believe me? Listen to your own voice recording by visiting your " Voice & Audio Activity " page in the Google Dashboard and you
Android 'Trusted Voice': My Voice Is My Password

Android 'Trusted Voice': My Voice Is My Password

Apr 14, 2015
Today device unlocking has become far more secure over the years, from PIN number unlock to Pattern unlock and biometric unlocks including fingerprinting and facial recognition. But... ...What If Your Android Device Can Identify Your Voice before authenticating any access? This exactly what Google is trying to provide its Android 5.0 Lollipop users. Users running Android 5.0 Lollipop on their smartphone devices may soon be able to unlock their devices simply by saying " OK Google ." " Smart Lock " is one of the most convenient security features provided in Lollipop that offers a handful of clever ways to unlock an Android device automatically, which yet includes: Trusted Device Trusted Places Trusted Face However, Google is now rolling out a new smart lock, dubbed " Trusted Voice ," that uses your voice as a password to unlock your device. Just as your fingerprint or face recognition is considered distinctive enough for biom
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Apple Admits Siri Voice Data is Being shared with Third Parties

Apple Admits Siri Voice Data is Being shared with Third Parties

Mar 12, 2015
It has been known from year 2013 that commands we have been whispering to Siri are being stored on Apple servers for up to two years for analysis, but this news might be the most shocking development yet. Apple admits that its Siri — an intelligent personal assistant for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices — is collecting and also transmitting users voice data to 3rd party companies, which was disclosed in an unsurprising revelation two weeks back on Reddit. FallenMyst , a Reddit user claimed to had recently started a new job with a company called Walk N' Talk Technologies, where job profile requires her to listen voice data collected from Apple, Microsoft users and check for incorrect interpretations. " I get to listen to sound bites [sic] and rate how the text matches up with what is said in an audio clip and give feedback on what should be improved. " Fallenmyst wrote. " Guys, I'm telling you, if you've said it to your phone, it's been recorded…and
Samsung Admits Its Smart TV Is Spying On You

Samsung Admits Its Smart TV Is Spying On You

Feb 09, 2015
Is Your Smart TV Spying On You?  You just need to make sure you don't hold any private conversations in front of the internet-connected TV. IS SMART TV GETTING TOO SMART? Smart TVs are connected to the Internet, and they are capable of collecting and transmitting our data. Samsung's Smart TV uses voice recognition technology to enable voice commands, but its privacy policy defined by the company says " if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be captured and transmitted to a third party. " In other words, Samsung's Voice Recognition feature is always listening you, unless you deactivate it. So these internet-enabled smart devices can be exploited to reveal a wealth of personal. " In addition, Samsung may collect and your device may capture voice commands and associated texts so that we can provide you with Voice Recognition features and evaluate and improve the features. " Samsung S
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