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Is Your DJI Drone a Chinese Spy? Leaked DHS Memo Suggests

Is Your DJI Drone a Chinese Spy? Leaked DHS Memo Suggests

Dec 04, 2017
The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has recently accused Da-Jiang Innovations (DJI), one of the largest drone manufacturers, of sending sensitive information about U.S. infrastructure to China through its commercial drones and software. A copy memo from the Los Angeles office of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau (ICE) has begun circulating online more recently, alleging "with moderate confidence" that DJI drones may be sending US critical infrastructure and law enforcement data back to China. However, the bureau accessed "with high confidence" that this critical data collected by the DJI systems could then be used by the Chinese government to conduct physical or cyber attacks against the U.S. critical infrastructure and its population. The memo goes on to specify the targets the Chinese Government has been attempting to spy on, which includes rail systems, water systems, hazardous material storage facilities, and constructio
NSA’s Top-Secret SKYNET May Be Killing Thousands of Innocent Civilians

NSA's Top-Secret SKYNET May Be Killing Thousands of Innocent Civilians

Feb 17, 2016
So what do you expect from an Artificially intelligent program run by the government intelligence agency? Possibly killing innocent people. The real-life SKYNET , the fictional malevolent artificial intelligence in the Terminator movies, run by the US National Security Agency (NSA) is a surveillance program that uses cell phone metadata to track the GPS location and call activities of suspected terrorists, who may be shot by a Hellfire missile. Now, a new analysis of previously published NSA documents leaked by former NSA staffer Edward Snowden suggests that many of those people killed based on metadata may have been innocent. Last year, the leaked documents detailing the NSA's SKYNET programme published by The Intercept showed that NSA had used a machine learning algorithm on the cellular network metadata of 55 Million people in Pakistan to rate each citizen's likelihood of being a terrorist. You need to know that the US drone bombing campaigns in Pa
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First Ever Anti-Drone Weapon that Shoots Down UAVs with Radio Waves

First Ever Anti-Drone Weapon that Shoots Down UAVs with Radio Waves

Oct 15, 2015
While the US military continues to build more advanced unmanned aerial vehicles ( UAVs ), popularly known as Drones , the US company Battelle has developed a shoulder-mounted rifle to deal with unwanted drones flying around. Dubbed DroneDefender , the revolutionary weapon specifically designed to target and knock drones out of the sky at a range of just 400 meters, without totally destroying them. The Battelle DroneDefender utilizes radio waves to neutralize in-flight Drones and force them to land or hover or return to its point of origin. Video Demonstration You can watch the video given below to know how the DroneDefender works. It shows how the weapon is able to stop a drone in its tracks and cause it to land. The DroneDefender weighs less than 5 kilograms and can disable a hostile drone within a 400-meter radius. How does DroneDefender Work? As soon as the trigger is pulled, DroneDefender emits radio pulses that interrupt the communications system
Weaponized Drones For Police Now Legal In North Dakota

Weaponized Drones For Police Now Legal In North Dakota

Aug 31, 2015
Drones also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have contributed enormously by acting as an interface for conducting surveillance operations, or delivering products, or attacking a war site to name a few. We have seen Drones like ' Snoopy ' that are capable to intercept data from your Smartphones, even without authentication or interaction, using spoofed wireless networks. And now the reports depict... The first U.S. state to get permission for flying drones with "less lethal weapons" is North Dakota. It now has the powers to grant permissions to the local police departments to attach weapons like: rubber bullets, pepper spray, tear gas, sound cannons, and tasers. Earlier, the law's author Rick Becker had restricted the police to get a warrant for conducting drone surveillance. However, the things didn't turn up his way as, an officer from the North Dakota Peace Officers Association Bruce Burkett , controlled things his way by get
Drones Spying on Cell Phone Users for Advertisers

Drones Spying on Cell Phone Users for Advertisers

Mar 05, 2015
Do you know, apart from United States National Security Agency (NSA) , Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and law enforcement, a few advertising companies are also monitoring unsuspecting users' cell phone data with the help of the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS) called Drones. Yes it's True! A Singapore-based advertising firm AdNear , which described itself as "the leading location intelligence platform," is using a number of small drones flying around the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles since early February in order to track Wi-Fi and cellular transmission signals. ADNEAR DRONES TRACKS YOU EVERYWHERE The drones have ability to sniff out device' cellular or wireless Internet signals, which is then identify by device ID. Using this gathered information, the drones track each and every movements and behaviors of individual users. Generally, the reason behind spying on people's cell phone signals is the company's interest to deliver hyper-targe
Snoopy Drone Can Hack Your Smartphones

Snoopy Drone Can Hack Your Smartphones

Mar 25, 2014
The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS) called Drones is rapidly transforming the way we go to war. Drones were once used for land surveillance, Delivering Pizza's, then equipped with bombs that  changed the way nations conduct war and  now these hovering drones are ready to hack your Smartphones. London-based Sensepoint security researchers have developed a drone called ' Snoopy ' that can intercept data from your Smartphones using spoofed wireless networks, CNN Money reported. The Drone will search for WiFi enabled devices and then using its built-in technology, it will see what networks the phones have accessed in the past and pretends to be one of those old network connections. Spoofing WiFi networks that device has already accessed allows Snoopy Drone to connect with targeted Smartphone without authentication or interaction. In technical terms, The Drone will use ' Wireless Evil Twin Attack ' to hack Smartphones. Once connected, Snoopy
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