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Top 3 Focus Areas that can help you in Data Loss Prevention

Top 3 Focus Areas that can help you in Data Loss Prevention

Oct 13, 2013
One of the most intimidating issues that gives nightmares to IT teams across organizations is data breaches or data loss. Typically, data loss happens when security is compromised and corporate sensitive data is accessed. It might fall under any of these categories: Unauthorized, intentional or unintentional exfiltration of confidential information Data spill or data leak This can happen due to external security attacks like malware, hacking or sometimes even from an internal source such as a disgruntled employee. This calls for a data loss prevention (DLP) system in place that would help you contain and avoid the loss of data. Data loss happens in many stages and can be broadly categorized into three categories: Data in Motion: Data that moves through the network to the outside, in most cases using the Internet Data at Rest: Data that rests in your database and other provisions for storage Data at the Endpoints: Data at the endpoints of your network, say, data on USB and oth
What to Look For in a SIEM Solution

What to Look For in a SIEM Solution

Jul 25, 2013
Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) has evolved over the years to become one of the most trusted and reliable solutions for log management, security, and compliance. The demand for SIEM tools is constantly increasing within network and IT security teams. This is due particularly to the colossal surge of security breaches and cyber-attacks that impact corporations and cause financial loss and damaged reputations. When conducting research for an SIEM solution, it's important to be able to identify features that will enable effective detection, prevention, and response to security threats. Below, we'll discuss a number of critical topics to consider when selecting an SIEM solution. Log Correlation – The Heart of SIEM SIEM software works with the principle of log collection and correlation, therefore, it's important to ensure that log correlation happens effectively, in real time, and provides centralized visibility into potentially insecure and non-co
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