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U.S. Builds World's Fastest Supercomputer – Summit

U.S. Builds World's Fastest Supercomputer – Summit

June 11, 2018Swati Khandelwal
China no longer owns the fastest supercomputer in the world; It is the United States now. Though China still has more supercomputers on the Top 500 list, the USA takes the crown of "world's fastest supercomputer" from China after IBM and the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) unveiled " Summit ." Summit is claimed to be more than twice as powerful as the current world leader with a peak performance of a whopping 200,000 trillion calculations per second—that's as fast as each 7.6 billion people of this planet doing 26.3 million calculations per second on a calculator. Until now the world's most powerful supercomputer was China's Sunway TaihuLight with the processing power of 93 petaflops (93,000 trillion calculations per second). Since June 2012, the U.S. has not possessed the world's most powerful supercomputer, but if Summit performs as claimed by IBM, it will be made straight to the top of the Top5
Gaming Platforms as an attack vector against remote systems

Gaming Platforms as an attack vector against remote systems

March 18, 2013Anonymous
Little more than a year ago I wrote about the possibility to attack gaming platform to compromise large audience of gamers in stealthy way, the access to millions of machines represent a dream for every attackers and I hypnotized its repercussion in cyber warfare domains. Gaming platform are usually complex systems equipped with the latest technology and the idea to exploit them as possible attack vectors cultivated by many governments. Researchers at ReVuln, Luigi Auriemma and Donato Ferrante , presented at Black Hat Europe 2013 in Amsterdam how to convert local bugs and features in remotely exploitable security vulnerabilities by using the popular EA Origin 3 platform as an attack vector against remote systems. EA Origin is one of the biggest gaming related digital delivery platforms with more than 40 million the access it to purchase games for any kind of platform, from mobile to PC. Before describe the discovery of the two Italian experts let's give analy
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