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Java zero-day exploit sold in underground Market

Java zero-day exploit sold in underground Market

Nov 28, 2012
Once again a zero day vulnerability exploit is sold by cyber criminals in the underground, once again a the flaw is related to Oracle's Java software that could allow to gain remote control over victim's machine. The news has been reported by KrebsOnSecurity blog that announced that the exploit being sold on an Underweb forum. The vulnerability is related to the most recent version of Java JRE 7 Update 9, it isn't present in previous versions of the framework, in particular the bug resides within the Java class "MidiDevice according the info provided by the seller that describes it with following statements: " Code execution is very reliable, worked on all 7 version I tested with Firefox and MSIE on Windows 7 ," " I will only sell this ONE TIME and I leave no guarantee that it will not be patched so use it quickly. " The exploited class is a component of Java that handles audio input and output. It's easy to understand that similar vulnerability has a great value du
Latest Java vulnerability exploitation leads to ransomware

Latest Java vulnerability exploitation leads to ransomware

Nov 10, 2012
Imagine someone getting access to your computer, encrypting all your family photos and other priceless files, and then demanding a ransom for their safe return. That is what ransomware is all about. Symantec's latest research report suggests police-themed ransomware could be a replacement to the once-lucrative fake antivirus scareware trade. According to  report , Ransomware distributors are raking in around $5 million dollars a year and the spoils are being spread among just 16 crime groups. Symantec's estimates suggest a significant but not yet thriving crime business, which delivers each operation, on average, $300,000 a year. Reticently identified Oracle Java SE Remote Java Run time Environment vulnerability (  CVE-2012-5076 ) leads to  Geo located   Ransomware Malware . Java vulnerability actually can allows attacker to unauthorized disclosure of information, unauthorized modification and disruption of service. This Ransomware shows a bogus notification, that preten
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