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Hacker Hijacks a Police Drone from 2 Km Away with $40 Kit

Hacker Hijacks a Police Drone from 2 Km Away with $40 Kit

April 01, 2016Swati Khandelwal
A researcher has demonstrated how easy it is to steal high-end drones, commonly deployed by government agencies and police forces, from 2 kilometres away with the help of less than $40 worth of hardware . The attack was developed by IBM security researcher Nils Rodday, who recently presented his findings at Black Hat Asia 2016. Hacking the $28,463 Drone with Less than $40 of Hardware Rodday explained how security vulnerabilities in a drone's radio connection could leverage an attacker ( with some basic knowledge of radio communications ) to hijack the US$28,463 quadcopters with less than $40 of hardware. Rodday discovered ( PPT ) two security flaws in the tested drone that gave him the ability to hack the device in seconds. First, the connection between drone's controller module, known as telemetry box, and a user's tablet uses extremely vulnerable ' WEP ' ( Wired-Equivalent Privacy ) encryption – a protocol long known to be 'crackable in sec
Design Flaws Make Drones Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks

Design Flaws Make Drones Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks

October 04, 2015Khyati Jain
In the past, The Hacker News (THN) reported about various activities surrounding Drones. Whether it was the development of the first backdoor for drones ( MalDrone ), or Weaponized drones getting legal , or Drones hacking smartphones . And now the reports depict... Security Researcher has showcased a method that can be used to hack and hijack Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) , more commonly known as DRONES . Senior AV researcher at HP Security Research Oleg Petrovsky demonstrated scenarios of cyber attacks targeting the flight controller of drones with analysis explaining how drones could become victims of cyber attacks. Petrovsky has analyzed configurations and controllers for various popular multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to discover the weaknesses present in the already implemented cyber attacks. The research focuses on the flight controllers which is a microprocessor and comprises of: Input/Output Pins Multiple sensors onboard An acceler
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