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Cybersecurity Frameworks — Types, Strategies, Implementation and Benefits

Cybersecurity Frameworks — Types, Strategies, Implementation and Benefits

July 12, 2019Giridhara Raam
Organizations around the world are wondering how to become immune from cyber attacks which are evolving every day with more sophisticated attack vectors. IT teams are always on the lookout for new ransomware and exploit spreading in the wild, but can all these unforeseen cyber attacks be prevented proactively? That's definitely a 'NO,' which is why there's a reactive approach in place to save organisations from the aftermath of take downs, and with proper cybersecurity practices, one can reduce the chances of becoming a victim. To do that, organizations should follow specific cybersecurity frameworks that will assist them in redefining and reinforcing their IT security and staying vigilant against cyber attacks. In this article, we'll understand what is cybersecurity framework, why they are mandatory for organizations, and what are their types, strategies, benefits, and implementation in detail. What is a Cybersecurity Framework? Cybersecurity framew
End of SMS-based 2-Factor Authentication; Yes, It's Insecure!

End of SMS-based 2-Factor Authentication; Yes, It's Insecure!

July 27, 2016Mohit Kumar
SMS-based Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) has been declared insecure and soon it might be a thing of the past. Two-Factor Authentication or 2FA adds an extra step of entering a random passcode sent to you via an SMS or call when you log in to your account as an added layer of protection. For example, if you have 2FA enabled on Gmail, the platform will send a six-digit passcode to your mobile phone every time you sign in to your account. But, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released a new draft of its Digital Authentication Guideline that says SMS-based two-factor authentication should be banned in future due to security concerns. Here's what the relevant paragraph of the latest DAG draft reads: "If the out of band verification is to be made using an SMS message on a public mobile telephone network, the verifier SHALL verify that the pre-registered telephone number being used is actually associated with a mobile network and not wi
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