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Heroku Forces User Password Resets Following GitHub OAuth Token Theft

Heroku Forces User Password Resets Following GitHub OAuth Token Theft

May 05, 2022
Salesforce-owned subsidiary Heroku on Thursday acknowledged that the theft of GitHub integration OAuth tokens further involved unauthorized access to an internal customer database. The company, in an  updated notification , revealed that a compromised token was abused to breach the database and "exfiltrate the hashed and salted passwords for customers' user accounts." As a consequence, Salesforce said it's resetting all Heroku user passwords and ensuring that potentially affected credentials are refreshed. It also emphasized that internal Heroku credentials were rotated and extra detections have been put in place. The attack campaign, which GitHub  discovered  on April 12, related to an unidentified actor leveraging stolen OAuth user tokens issued to two third-party OAuth integrators, Heroku and Travis-CI, to download data from dozens of organizations, including NPM. The timeline of events as shared by the cloud platform is as follows - April 7, 2022  - Threat
Salesforce Release Updates — A Cautionary Tale for Security Teams

Salesforce Release Updates — A Cautionary Tale for Security Teams

Aug 05, 2021
On the surface, Salesforce seems like a classic Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. Someone might even argue that Salesforce invented the SaaS market. However, the more people work with the full offering of Salesforce, the more they realize that it goes beyond a traditional SaaS platform's capabilities. For example, few people talk about managing the security aspects of  Salesforce Release Updates.  By understanding what Release Updates are, why they pose a security risk, and how security teams can mitigate risk, Salesforce customers can better protect sensitive information. How to ensure the right configurations for your Salesforce security What are Salesforce Release Updates? Since Salesforce does not automatically update its platform, it does not follow the traditional SaaS model. For example, most SaaS platforms have two types of releases, security, and product improvements. Urgent security updates are released as soon as a security vulnerability is known, and product i
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