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RomCom RAT Targeting NATO and Ukraine Support Groups

RomCom RAT Targeting NATO and Ukraine Support Groups

Jul 10, 2023 Cyber Threat / Malware
The threat actors behind the RomCom RAT have been suspected of phishing attacks targeting the  upcoming NATO Summit  in Vilnius as well as an identified organization supporting Ukraine abroad. The findings come from the BlackBerry Threat Research and Intelligence team, which  found  two malicious documents submitted from a Hungarian IP address on July 4, 2023. RomCom, also tracked under the names Tropical Scorpius, UNC2596, and Void Rabisu, was recently observed staging cyber attacks against politicians in Ukraine who are working closely with Western countries and a U.S.-based healthcare organization involved with aiding refugees fleeing the war-torn country. Attack chains mounted by the group are geopolitically motivated and have employed spear-phishing emails to point victims to cloned websites hosting trojanized versions of popular software. Targets include militaries, food supply chains, and IT companies. The latest lure documents identified by BlackBerry impersonate Ukraini
Russia-Linked Hackers Launches Espionage Attacks on Foreign Diplomatic Entities

Russia-Linked Hackers Launches Espionage Attacks on Foreign Diplomatic Entities

Apr 14, 2023 United States
The Russia-linked  APT29  (aka Cozy Bear) threat actor has been attributed to an ongoing cyber espionage campaign targeting foreign ministries and diplomatic entities located in NATO member states, the European Union, and Africa. According to Poland's Military Counterintelligence Service and the CERT Polska team, the observed activity shares tactical overlaps with a cluster tracked by Microsoft as  Nobelium , which is known for its high-profile  attack on SolarWinds  in 2020. Nobelium's operations have been attributed to Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service ( SVR ), an organization that's tasked with protecting "individuals, society, and the state from foreign threats." That said, the campaign represents an evolution of the Kremlin-backed hacking group's tactics, indicating  persistent attempts  at improving its cyber weaponry to infiltrate victim systems for intelligence gathering. "New tools were used at the same time and independently of eac
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MiniDuke Malware spreads via Fake Ukraine-related Documents

MiniDuke Malware spreads via Fake Ukraine-related Documents

Apr 02, 2014
A year back, Security Researchers from the Antivirus firm Kaspersky found a sophisticated piece of malware which they dubbed as ' MiniDuke ', designed specifically to collect and steal strategic insights and highly protected political information, which is a subject to states' security. Now, once again the MiniDuke virus is spreading in wild via an innocent looking but fake PDF documents related to Ukraine , while the researcher at F-Secure were browsing the set of extracted decoy documents from a large batch of potential MiniDuke Samples. " This is interesting considering the current crisis in the area ," Mikko Hypponen, the CTO of security research firm F-Secure, wrote on Tuesday. The Hacker News reported a year ago about the malicious malware that uses an exploit ( CVE-2013-0640 ) of the famous and actively used Adobe Reader . MiniDuke malware written in assembly language with its tiny file size (20KB), and uses hijacked Twitter accounts for Command &a
XSS vulnerability in 4shared and NATO Multimedia Library Exposed

XSS vulnerability in 4shared and NATO Multimedia Library Exposed

Nov 28, 2012
Inj3ct0r Team found cross site scripting vulnerability in  4shared , a file sharing site. Vulnerability link is exposed in a note  available at their website.  In general, cross-site scripting refers to that hacking technique that leverages vulnerabilities in the code of a web application to allow an attacker to send malicious content from an end-user and collect some type of data from the victim. Also same hackers claiming to get access over a private server of NATO Library and expose the links online. Website titled " NATO Multimedia Library Online Catalog ". Inj3ct0r member told The Hacker News , " We found another secret NATO server. We received a root on the server and gave the world the hidden database to NATO personnel. Now everyone can look for a secret document ." These three servers are available online without authorization, but its not confirm that servers got hacked or not.
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