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Microsoft Warns of Web Skimmers Mimicking Google Analytics and Meta Pixel Code

Microsoft Warns of Web Skimmers Mimicking Google Analytics and Meta Pixel Code

May 24, 2022Ravie Lakshmanan
Threat actors behind web skimming campaigns are leveraging malicious JavaScript code that mimics Google Analytics and Meta Pixel scripts in an attempt to sidestep detection. "It's a shift from earlier tactics where attackers conspicuously injected malicious scripts into e-commerce platforms and content management systems (CMSs) via vulnerability exploitation, making this threat highly evasive to traditional security solutions," Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team  said  in a new report. Skimming attacks, such as those by Magecart, are carried out with the goal of harvesting and exporting users' payment information, such as credit card details, that are entered into online payment forms in e-commerce platforms, typically during the checkout process. This is achieved by taking advantage of security vulnerabilities in third-party plugins and other tools to inject rogue JavaScript code into the online portals without the owners' knowledge. As skimming attacks h
SolarWinds Hackers Also Breached Malwarebytes Cybersecurity Firm

SolarWinds Hackers Also Breached Malwarebytes Cybersecurity Firm

January 19, 2021Ravie Lakshmanan
Malwarebytes on Tuesday said it was breached by the same group who broke into SolarWinds to access some of its internal emails, making it the fourth major cybersecurity vendor to be targeted after  FireEye ,  Microsoft , and  CrowdStrike . The company said its intrusion was not the result of a SolarWinds compromise, but rather due to a separate initial access vector that works by "abusing applications with privileged access to Microsoft Office 365 and Azure environments." The discovery was made after Microsoft notified Malwarebytes of suspicious activity from a dormant email protection app within its  Office 365 tenant  on December 15, following which it performed a detailed investigation into the incident. "While Malwarebytes does not use SolarWinds, we, like many other companies were recently targeted by the same threat actor," the company's CEO Marcin Kleczynski  said  in a post. "We found no evidence of unauthorized access or compromise in any of o
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