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LinkedIn shutting down its security-plagued INTRO app in Early March

LinkedIn shutting down its security-plagued INTRO app in Early March

Feb 10, 2014
Last October, the social network ' LinkedIn ' launched a controversial Smartphone app called ' Intro ' that intercepts and route all of your emails through LinkedIn servers to inject LinkedIn profiles of the sender directly into the mails. The app was released for Android , as well as iOS devices. Why Controversial? The app puts the security and privacy of your data entirely in the company's hands, and at that time everyone criticized and reacted negatively, but LinkedIn defended Intro, claiming that all information was fully encrypted and deleted from LinkedIn's servers immediately. Just two days back, I got an e-mail from LinkedIn with the subject line " We're retiring LinkedIn Intro. " i.e. LinkedIn is giving up so quickly just four months of the launch! In a blog post today, LinkedIn SVP of products Deep Mishar explained, " We are shutting down LinkedIn Intro as of March 7, 2014. The intro was launched last year to bring the power of LinkedIn to your emai
'LinkedIn Intro' iOS app can read your emails in iPhone

'LinkedIn Intro' iOS app can read your emails in iPhone

Oct 25, 2013
Your LinkedIn profile is your digital resume. Yesterday, LinkedIn launched a new app for for iOS devices called Intro ' LinkedIn Intro '. With this feature an email on your iPhone will display a picture of the sender, with useful profile info from LinkedIn. Basically, to use the service, a LinkedIn user must route all of their emails (any provider i.e. Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) through LinkedIn's 'Intro' servers, which will inject fancy business centric HTML profile right in your emails, as shown. But this also means that LinkedIn is now able to read the complete content of your emails and also can store the passwords to users' external email accounts. The feature is enough to destroy the security and privacy of your mails. Another point to be noted that, Apple does not provide any APIs or frameworks for developers that would allow this kind of modification of its interface. Instead, LinkedIn is acting as a ' man in the middle ' by inter
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