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vBulletin Forum hacked with Zero Day vulnerability, caused Macrumors Forum Data breach

vBulletin Forum hacked with Zero Day vulnerability, caused Macrumors Forum Data breach

Nov 17, 2013
Last Tuesday, Popular Mac news website MacRumors's user forums was hacked and forum database has been compromised including the username, email and passwords belonging to all 860,000 registered users. Yesterday,  Inj3ct0r Team of Exploit Database website  1337Day claimed the responsibility for the hack and also claimed that they have also hacked the official website of vBulletin Forum using a   Zero Day exploit . " Macrumors.com was based on vBulletin CMS. We use our 0day exploit vBulletin , got password moderator. 860000 user data hacked too. The network security is a myth " he told me. During the conversation, team leader told me that he has discovered a Zero Day Remote Code Execution vulnerability in vBulletin v4.x.x and 5.х.x, that allows an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the server end remotely. On their exploit marketplace they are also selling this zero day exploit with Shell Upload payload at $7000 USD. " We found a critical v
XSS vulnerability in 4shared and NATO Multimedia Library Exposed

XSS vulnerability in 4shared and NATO Multimedia Library Exposed

Nov 28, 2012
Inj3ct0r Team found cross site scripting vulnerability in  4shared , a file sharing site. Vulnerability link is exposed in a note  available at their website.  In general, cross-site scripting refers to that hacking technique that leverages vulnerabilities in the code of a web application to allow an attacker to send malicious content from an end-user and collect some type of data from the victim. Also same hackers claiming to get access over a private server of NATO Library and expose the links online. Website titled " NATO Multimedia Library Online Catalog ". Inj3ct0r member told The Hacker News , " We found another secret NATO server. We received a root on the server and gave the world the hidden database to NATO personnel. Now everyone can look for a secret document ." These three servers are available online without authorization, but its not confirm that servers got hacked or not.
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Inj3ct0r Team found XSS Vulnerability on MSN website

Inj3ct0r Team found XSS Vulnerability on MSN website

Nov 14, 2012
A particular class of attacks commonly referred to as "code insertion" and often " Cross-Site Scripting " has become increasingly popular. Yesterday we reported about Cross site scripting bug Paypal and Apple . Hacker from Inj3ct0r Team reported a XSS Cross site scripting Vulnerability on MSN.com website. Vulnerability exist of a subdomain of MSN at https://news.de.msn.com/. Details posted in an advisory . Cross site scripting occurs when a web application gathers malicious data from a user. Hackers said that, " The goal is to close the capabilities gap between the cyber-criminals and white hats, by enabling defenders to perform more comprehensive testing of their defenses ." According to report, this XSS is working perfectly with Internet Explorer and Opera web browser, Proof of Concept URL's are posted in advisory and Image as shown.
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