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Hacker jailbreak Google Glass to gain root access

Hacker jailbreak Google Glass to gain root access

April 28, 2013Mohit Kumar
After only a few days since the developer edition of Google Glass landed, Jay Freeman aka " Saurik " has jailbroken it. Though Google Glass run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, he get root access using an exploit first discovered by another hacker named B1nary .  Freeman, who obtained the device by pre-ordering it at Google I/O last year, announced his success on Friday via Twitter. Such tactics give the user full command of the operating system without restriction. Freeman is not the first to crack Glass, though: just yesterday, another developer, Liam McLoughlin, also got root on his device. Although both jailbreaks were successful on the current Explorer Edition of Glass, it's not clear whether those holes will still be available in the consumer edition. Freeman says that Glass could be made to store data on the device itself or on a nearby phone connected by Bluetooth, instead of sending data to Google servers. McLoughlin says that Google Gla
Researchers grab cryptographic keys from Frozen Android Phones

Researchers grab cryptographic keys from Frozen Android Phones

March 08, 2013Mohit Kumar
Using a new attack on most popular Android phones platform, a team of researchers in Germany managed to grab stored cryptographic keys if the device is frozen state for an hour. The method which able to bypasses Google's data scrambling encryption system introduced in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to reveal the phone's hidden data, when leaving Android phones in a freezer until they fell below -10 degrees Celsius, which revealed previously scrambled data, including contact lists, browsing histories, and photos. The team developed software called FROST , Forensic Recovery of Scrambled Telephones, which lets them copy data from the phone for analysis on a computer. Abstract   explains ," We present FROST, a tool set that supports the forensic recovery of scrambled telephones. To this end we perform cold boot attacks against Android smartphones and retrieve disk encryption keys from RAM. We show that cold boot attacks against Android phones are generally possible fo
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