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Google Workspace Now Offers Client-side Encryption For Drive and Docs

Google Workspace Now Offers Client-side Encryption For Drive and Docs

Jun 14, 2021
Google on Monday announced that it's rolling out client-side encryption to Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), thereby giving its enterprise customers direct control of encryption keys and the identity service they choose to access those keys. "With client-side encryption, customer data is indecipherable to Google, while users can continue to take advantage of Google's native web-based collaboration, access content on mobile devices, and share encrypted files externally," the search giant  said .  "When combined with our other encryption capabilities, customers can add new levels of data protection for their Google Workspace data." The development coincides with the Google Workspace and Google Chat's  broader availability to all users  with a Google account. Workspace is the company's enterprise offering consisting of Gmail, Chat, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and other tools. Businesses using Google Workspace have the choice o
Google Stored G Suite Users' Passwords in Plain-Text for 14 Years

Google Stored G Suite Users' Passwords in Plain-Text for 14 Years

May 22, 2019
After Facebook and Twitter, Google becomes the latest technology giant to have accidentally stored its users' passwords unprotected in plaintext on its servers—meaning any Google employee who has access to the servers could have read them. In a blog post published Tuesday, Google revealed that its G Suite platform mistakenly stored unhashed passwords of some of its enterprise users on internal servers in plaintext for 14 years because of a bug in the password recovery feature. G Suite, formerly known as Google Apps, is a collection of cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools that have been designed for corporate users with email hosting for their businesses. It's basically a business version of everything Google offers. The flaw, which has now been patched, resided in the password recovery mechanism for G Suite customers that allows enterprise administrators to upload or manually set passwords for any user of their domain without actually knowing their
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