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Researchers Find Counterfeit Phones with Backdoor to Hack WhatsApp Accounts

Researchers Find Counterfeit Phones with Backdoor to Hack WhatsApp Accounts

August 22, 2022Ravie Lakshmanan
Budget Android device models that are counterfeit versions associated with popular smartphone brands are harboring multiple trojans designed to target WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business messaging apps. The malware, which Doctor Web first came across in July 2022, were discovered in the system partition of at least four different smartphones: P48pro, radmi note 8, Note30u, and Mate40, was "These incidents are united by the fact that the attacked devices were copycats of famous brand-name models," the cybersecurity firm  said  in a report published today. "Moreover, instead of having one of the latest OS versions installed on them with the corresponding information displayed in the device details (for example, Android 10), they had the long outdated 4.4.2 version." Specifically, the tampering concerns two files "/system/lib/libcutils.so" and "/system/lib/libmtd.so" that are modified in such a manner that when the libcutils.so system library is us
Virus conducting DDoS attack from infected systems

Virus conducting DDoS attack from infected systems

October 16, 2012Mohit Kumar
Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web is warning users about the malicious program which is helping attackers carry out mass spam mailings and allow attacker to use victim's PC as slave of his DDOS Army. According to researchers from the company they have discovered a Trojan " Trojan.Proxy.23012 " application that uses a rare method of distribution through peer networks. " The botnet, consisting of Trojan.Proxy.23012-infected computers, is used by criminals to control proxy servers for the purpose of using them to send spam upon command ". An example of such a spam message is shown in the screenshot below. This Malware work as: 1.) Using peer to peer network it will download the executable file and that will be a encrypted malicious module. A very interesting algorithm used by the Trojan to download the infected computer other malware. 2.) After successfully decrypt it launches another module that reads the image in computer memory or other malicious applica
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