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Facebook Messenger App — Choose either End-to-End Encryption or Artificial Intelligence

Facebook Messenger App — Choose either End-to-End Encryption or Artificial Intelligence

Jun 03, 2016
Facebook is set to introduce end-to-end encryption for its Messenger app , allowing more than its 900 Million users to send and receive messages that can not be read or intercepted by law enforcement or even the social network itself. However, it's not the kind of end-to-end encrypted chat feature provided by Apple or WhatsApp in which all your conversation are entirely encrypted by default. Instead, the social networking giant will offer an end-to-end encrypted chat mode in Messenger as opt-in, just like Google's Allo smart chat app that provides encrypted chat feature only if users opt for it. Privacy advocates criticized Google for adding its ' incognito ' encrypted chat mode as an opt-in feature, rather than offering end-to-end encryption by default. Now, Facebook Messenger will roll out the same choice for its users in the next few months, when the company will roll out this new encrypted chat mode in Messenger as an opt-in feature, reports  The Guardian.
Hey Allo! Meet Google's AI-powered Smart Messaging App

Hey Allo! Meet Google's AI-powered Smart Messaging App

May 19, 2016
Get Ready for a whole new Artificial Intelligence-based Messaging experience. At I/O event Wednesday, Google unveiled its new messaging app named Allo : A smart messaging app powered with machine learning programming and the company's newly announced AI bot Google Assistant. You just have to sign up with your phone number and link your Google account to Allo, and you are all set to go. AI Bot and Smart Replies: With Allo, besides chatting with your friends and family using animated graphics and enlarging or shrinking text, you can also call Google within the app to buy things, plan events, and even think of what to reply, i.e. smart replies. I found Smart Reply feature a bit fascinating, as it offers you some assumptions that you can reply when someone says something, shares a picture or something else. This feature learns to get more smart and productive over time as you use it. Also Read: How to Run Android Apps Without Installation Smart replies contain stickers
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