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When a 'Hacker News' Reader Tricked Me into visiting this Amazing Site (Don't Click at Work)

When a 'Hacker News' Reader Tricked Me into visiting this Amazing Site (Don't Click at Work)

Sep 19, 2015
My usual bed routine is to check comments under my articles before I go to sleep. The same I was doing last night, but something weird happened to me. Someone posted a mysterious short link without any text below one of my articles on our  official 'The Hacker News' Facebook Page , and with the curiosity to check that link I visited that website. And what I saw… One by one my every single account I logged in into my web browser got automatically logged out just in few seconds in front of my eyes. This is exactly what Super Logout does. Log Out All Your Accounts in Just One Click Yes, Super Logout – a website that logs you out of over 30 major Internet services just in one click. You can visit 'Super Logout' here . ( Note : Once clicked, this will log you out instantly from all your online accounts and don't worry it is neither harmful, nor malicious ) This is a great tool for people who: Usually visit Internet Cafes for surfing In
Google Launches USB-Based "Security Key" To Strengthen 2-Step Verification

Google Launches USB-Based "Security Key" To Strengthen 2-Step Verification

Oct 22, 2014
Google is taking its users' privacy very serious and making every possible effort for its users just to make them feel secure when they are online. Today, the tech giant has announced its enhanced two-step verification service that is based on a physical USB key, adding yet another layer of security to protect its users from hackers and other forms of online theft. SECURITY KEY- 2 STEP VERIFICATION USING USB DRIVES The "Security Key" feature will currently work on Chrome and will be free for Google users, but the company also notes that the Security Key is supporting the open Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) protocol from the FIDO Alliance, which will allow users to log in to Google Accounts by inserting a USB device into their systems. By letting users protect their accounts using two-factor authentication based on physical USB keys, it will be no longer any compulsion for you to type in the six-digit authentication code in Google's Gmail or your Google Acco
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Ultrasonic Password Security for Google Accounts

Ultrasonic Password Security for Google Accounts

Feb 18, 2014
Does a Strong Password Guarantee you the Security of your Online Account? If yes, then you should once check out our ' Data breaches ' section on the website. A Startup Company,  SlickLogin  has developed a technology that enables you to login into online accounts using Ultrasonic sound, instead of entering username and password on your. The company claims its technology offers " military-grade security " that replaces passwords in the two-step process simply by placing your Phone next to their laptop or tablet. When you sign-in via SlickLogin enabled website, the computer will play a sound which is encrypted into Ultrasonic Sound, inaudible to the human ear, but your Smartphone can hear it. The Smartphone Sends data back to the SlickLogin Servers for authentication and grants immediate access. Each sound is different, unique and cannot be reused to hack an account. Recently, Google has acquired this two month old Israeli Startup, " Today
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