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"4chan Hacked", Most Popular Image-Bulletin Board Compromised

"4chan Hacked", Most Popular Image-Bulletin Board Compromised

April 30, 2014Wang Wei
The founder of 4chan , Christopher Poole , aka “moot” has confirmed few hours ago, in a blog post that the popular image-based bulletin board was hacked. The attacker gained access to the administrative functions and successfully hacked into one of 4chan’s database by exploiting a website's software vulnerability last week. The motive behind the hack was to expose the posting habits of a specific user the attacker didn't like, moot wrote. It is believed that the software vulnerability allowed the attacker to hack into only the image-board moderation panels, and some tables in the 4chan back-end database . According to the blog post, the way hacker extracted the information from its database, 4chan knows the “ detailed logs of what was accessed”, which indicate that the “primarily moderator account names ” and their “credentials” were targeted and compromised by the hacker. " Due to the way the intruder extracted information from the database, we have detailed logs of wh
Hacker ‘Cosmo the God’ Sentenced and Banned from Internet for Six Years

Hacker ‘Cosmo the God’ Sentenced and Banned from Internet for Six Years

November 10, 2012Mohit Kumar
A 15-year-old  UG Nazi hacker  going by the name of Cosmo or Cosmo the God  was sentenced in juvenile court on Wednesday with terms for six years without any computers or Internet, until his 21st birthday. During these 6 years, he'll need approval from his parole officer to access the internet. Wired report that hacker resides in Long Beach, California, and began as a politicized group that opposed SOPA, took down a bevy of websites this year, including those for NASDAQ,, and It redirected 4Chan’s DNS to point to its own Twitter feed. Hacker pled guilty to more than a few felonies, with charges ranging from credit card fraud to online impersonation. The probation that Cosmo agreed to as part of his plea limits his use of the internet to solely educational purposes, and all use will be supervised. As part of the hacker group UGNazi, he was able to gain access to accounts on sites including Amazon, PayPal, Microsoft, Netflix, and many more. He is prohibited from
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