Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services (also known as 'Fractional CISO' or 'CISO-as-a-Service') are growing in popularity, especially as growing cyber threats, tightening regulatory demands and strict cyber insurance requirements are driving small to medium-sized enterprises demand for strategic cybersecurity and compliance guidance and management. But vCISO services are labor intensive, require highly skilled experts, and are difficult to scale. So, how exactly do successful vCISO providers overcome these obstacles?

When you want advice on how to overcome challenges, scale and expand, who better to go to than the people who have been there, seen it, and done it with success? In a new eBook, titled 'Top virtual CISOs share: 7 tips on how vCISO service providers can maximize services, increase revenues, and improve margins" (Download here), vCISO platform provider Cynomi interviewed some of America's top vCISO service providers (MSSPs, MSPs, consulting firms and solo vCISO practitioners), to get the most insightful tips that can help other vCISOs provide a better and more profitable service.

In this free eBook, you'll learn how some of the best vCISOs in the world deliver and scale their services without adding personnel or expensive infrastructure. They explain:

  • The barriers to achieving long-term vCISO delivery success
  • Why being a vCISO is so demanding
  • How to take the time out of many of the most vital vCISO duties
  • How to use automation to enable rapid scaling of vCISO services

Some of the tips in the eBook:

  1. Prepare to Deliver
  2. Know Before You Go
  3. Understand compliance requirements
  4. Devise a strategy and plan
  5. Don't Diverge from the vCISO duties
  6. Focus on SMBs and SMEs
  7. Use software to Automate and Scale your vCISO work

Download the eBook here.

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