UTM Solution

Unified threat management is thought to be a universal solution for many reasons. First of all, it is compatible with almost any hardware. As a business or an MSP, you don't have to bother with leasing or subleasing expensive equipment. There is no need to chase your clients to return your costly hardware. The all-in-one UTM solution will save you money and time & make work routine less stressful.

However, solely purchasing a sophisticated IT solution might end up in a waste of money, if the vendor does not tailor it up specifically for your needs. More troubles occur if your staff does not have much IT background or simply is not tech-savvy enough.

We put together a compilation of the best use cases of SafeUTM so you can see how to integrate such a solution into your infrastructure & help you cut back on unnecessary expenses of all kinds.

UTM as a lifesaver for enterprise cybersecurity

Large metal industry company of 4,500 users

Among the challenges faced before implementing the solution was a requirement to have an additional network perimeter protection. The company was also not receiving enough updates & had poor tech support for the firewall. We installed SafeUTM as a proxy, configured content filtering according to corporate standards & added a built-in web antivirus for additional protection, as the client requested.

International bank of 2,000 users

Due to a sudden switch to remote & hybrid work mode, the organization found it hard to keep their cybersecurity layers strong. They also experienced a downtime due to inoperability of the solution, and it was crucial to build a distributed network.

What SafeUTM did was build a VPN network for remote connection of employees to their workplaces, setting up two-factor authentication to protect against connecting untrusted users & site-to-site connection at branch offices via IPSec, and configuring a fault tolerance cluster.

Large division of a railway company, 2,000 users

Their current solution was way too outdated & desperately needed replacement. Because such a solution did not meet the game rules of modern cybersecurity, the company had numerous hacks & other information security incidents. This caused some misuse of network resources. Therefore, the entire network configuration was saved and migrated to the SafeUTM gateway. The use of network bandwidth was optimized, intrusion prevention system enabled, resulting in regular requests for unauthorized access to the network.In addition, we configured application access control in order to limit the use of unwanted software & corporate email protection when using SafeUTM gateway as mail relay.

How do smaller organizations benefit with a UTM?

State university of higher education, 500 users

The university had several issues that a UTM could fix: content filter base was only relevant to English-speaking users, filtering settings for different user groups were not flexible or customizable. There were attacks on the published web resource & the organization did not own a mail server. Respectively, we configured content filtering using a base relevant to the languages spoken in the area & based on AD security groups. Web resource was published through reverse proxy, preconfigured WAF was enabled, and HTTP requests redirected. As to the mail issue, we configured the mail server at SafeUTM using integrated filtering and anti-spam lists.

Small trading company of 200 users

The company had used a generic router to protect the perimeter, which was not efficeint at all. In addition to that, there was no reporting system & no ability to update solution settings against modern threats due to a heavy workload of the system administrator. What SafeUTM did was configuring modules of content filtering, application control, intrusion prevention system with automatic updating of filtering databases & automatic collection and sending of reports on the passed traffic. As we do for any other client, we provided all necessary assistance in configuring and implementing the solution during the pilot phase.

A UTM solution in today's circumstances is definitely the right choice for a company that is aware of all the ways lack of cybersecurity might lead. Feel free to chat with our UTM engineers to learn how exactly such a solution can be tailored up for your specific case.

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