Leaders in the InfoSec field face a strange dilemma. On the one hand, there are hundreds of thousands of resources available to find online to read (or watch) if they have questions – that's a benefit of a digital-first field. On the other hand, most leaders face challenges that – while not entirely unique each time – tend to require a specific touch or solution.

For most, it would be great to have a sympathetic ear or a fresh perspective that has faced similar challenges. Where does the tip of the spear turn to for a helping hand?

One popular avenue is to turn to a virtual CISO (or vCISO), an external consultant who can offer strategic advice, suggestions and help find insights that can be instrumental in building better security systems.

For many organizations, having the benefits of a CISO, even on a temporary basis, can be incredibly helpful and valuable.

With that in mind, Chris Roberts, Cynet's chief security strategist, is offering a new program (you can learn more here) to give InfoSec leaders a new avenue for support, advice, and valuable insights.

The program, known as the vCISO Free Clinic, will let security professionals book a one-on-one meeting with Roberts, completely free of charge. Roberts is a long-time vCISO and consultant in cybersecurity, as well as a well-known counter threat intelligence and vulnerability researcher.

The drive for the new free clinic is to give InfoSec leaders and professionals an additional tool they can use to help gain knowledge, find solutions to their problems, and improve their organization's security and defenses.

More importantly, it's always valuable to have someone in their corner who has been there, can offer a unique perspective, and call on decades of experience in the field.

This is also part of a larger drive by Roberts, and Cynet, to give InfoSec leaders and professionals greater access to the knowledge they need and a community that can support their goals and provides value.

A few weeks ago, Roberts launched an InfoSec Leaders Community on slack with the goal of sharing knowledge and insights, and more recently, the company launched a CISO Challenge to help professionals test their knowledge, find gaps in it, and start filling them.

With the vCISO Clinic, Roberts hopes to also help in providing a readily available, and valuable, source of knowledge to the security community. As part of the program, registrants can schedule a zoom session with Roberts to discuss a variety of topics related to the challenges they face. Some topics that might be discussed include:

  • Roadblock in security roadmaps that are difficult to resolve on a limited budget
  • How to get around resource constraints when building effective security systems
  • A different perspective on a seemingly "intractable" problem

With this new initiative, the company hopes to provide an additional valuable tool to security leaders and professionals who find themselves outside the Fortune 2000. The clinic opened its virtual doors on May 12th, and registrations for a free consult are already open. You can register for a one-on-one session at the vCISO Free Clinic here.

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