As managed security service providers, you're always on the lookout for new platforms. One that can generate further business, enables you to scale easily without investing in more human resources and provides that value immediately.

In the meanwhile, your clients are constantly demanding more security for a lesser cost.

Cynet recently published an 8-min video detailing their platform, the Cynet 360 Autonomous XDR Platform. In their video, Cynet specifically focuses on managed service partners, showing the security and business benefits that the platform provides.

The video shows the "partner view" of the system and demonstrates how the platform is used to manage multiple clients.

Learn more about the Cynet 360 platform for Managed Service Providers here.

Cynet 360 natively combines several security components to reduce your operational costs. First, an XDR - Extended Detection and Response, which is a consolidated pre-integrated platform of multiple security solutions. As such, Cynet has built-in four different alert types - files, users, hosts, and network.

Second, Response Automation, where your clients' protection is already built-in through Cynet's auto playbooks or your own customized playbooks integrated within. On top of this, Cynet's partners receive unlimited access to their 24/7 proactive Managed Detection and Response services at no additional cost.

Some specific features geared towards partners include:

  • Multi-tenancy support efficiently manages all of your clients' security in a single dashboard with a true separation down to the data. Cynet 360 can be used either as a fully managed or a co-managed model allowing service providers to support clients' hybrid environments and multiple instances.
  • The XDR component natively integrates Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), NGAV, User Entity and Behavior Analytics (UEBA), Network Traffic Analysis (NTA), and Deception technologies.
  • Cynet can deploy up to 5,000 hosts in less than an hour. Cynet supports various methods of deployment such as RMM, MSI, GPO, Group Policy CCSM, and Cynet's own dispatcher.
  • Cynet's Incident Engine which provides automated incident response actions laid out on a visual timeline for immediate understanding of the incident - from root cause and scope of attack to resolution. Most cases take mere minutes to resolve.
  • Intuitive UX where data is immediately surfaced, preventing the need to open additional windows or navigating to separate panes for more alert details.
  • Cynet's free 24/7 MDR service acts as an additional arm to your team and proactively engages with you – from monitoring to remediation and guidance for your clients.

Cynet 360 comes as a single unified offering, with one single pricing, so no need for that unnecessary math, feature removal considerations, or various backhanded routes to get to that price you're looking for.

Learn more about the Cynet 360 platform for Managed Service Providers here

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