Upon the request of US authorities, Marcel Lazar Lehel, well known as Guccifer, has finally been approved to extradite to the United States to face Computer Intrusion and Identity Theft Charges for 18 months.

Guccifer is an infamous Romanian hacker who was arrested in Romania for hacking into the emails and social networking accounts of numerous high profile the US and Romanian Politicians.

Romania's top court has approved a request by US authorities to extradite Guccifer to the United States, a source within Romania's DIICOT anti-organized crime and terrorism unit told Reuters.

Guccifer's well known political targets included:
  • Bill Clinton (Former President)
  • Hillary Clinton (U.S Presidential Candidate)
  • George W. Bush (Former U.S. President)
  • Colin Powell (former U.S. Secretary)
  • George Maior (chief of the Romanian Intelligence Service)
  • John Tenet (State Director of Central Intelligence for the United States CIA)
  • Richard Armitage (Republican politician)
  • Lisa Murkowski (U.S. Senator and former Secret Service Agent) and many more.
Guccifer rose into the popularity in 2013 after hacking into the email account of George W. Bush and leaking Bush's personal photographs and artwork, including two self-portraits: one in the shower and one in the bathtub.

The same hacker was responsible to crack into the AOL Account of Bush's Sister, Dorothy Bush Koch and targeted a number of high-profile celebrities, including Nicole Kidman, Comedian Steve Martin, Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Actress Mariel Hemingway, 'Sex and the City' author Candace Bushnell, Biographer Kitty Kelley, released some of Hillary Clinton's private emails and many more.

The 42-year-old hacker had also claimed that Bush was a member of Ku Klux Klan – a White Supremacist Racist group by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center, allegedly having total 5,000 to 8,000 members.

This intensified leakage had caused many repercussions on many topics like the romantic relationships between Colin Powell and Corina Cretu (Romanian Politician), even though both denied the statement.

If you want to explore more about the Guccifer Leaks, you may visit the site named 'The Smoking Gun' to which he published the leaked contents (don't expect a Wikileaks model).

Guccifer was serving as a Taxi Driver when Romania's DIICOT anti-organized crime and terrorism unit arrested him. He kickstarted his career as a Hacker at the age of 35.

According to his wife, Guccifer did most of his hacking from the quiet Sâmbăteni, which is located in the Draculan Village Transylvania.

Guccifer was sentenced for intrusion charges to popular profiles by the Romanian court to four years in jail in 2014 "with the aim of getting ... confidential data" and is serving another three-year term for other offences.

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