I don't know about your part, but I make heavy use of tabs. I currently have 200+ tabs open in my Google Chrome Web browser. And sometimes the number is even more.

For me it's a daily thing, as I regularly open new tabs because of my habit of reading lots of stuff online, including cyber security updates, hacking news, knowledgeable articles of various categories, new recipes to cook something delicious and, of course, funny viral videos.

Browsers — Everything for us, But Biggest Memory Eaters!

I think you'll agree with me when I say:

It's really hard to manage so many tabs on Chrome — and Firefox too. But worse still is the obstruction in the performance of your computer, as the tabs continue to run background processes and feed on your system's memory.

It gets difficult to sort through them, everything slows down, and sometimes it crashes the browser itself.

Doesn't it?

But, I really don't face any issue while surfing on 200+ tabs at one time with 4GB RAM computer and, it turns out, you can dramatically have a smoother web surfing experience too, without slowing down your computer too much.

Here's my Secret:

Today I have something that will make you feel like you have a powerful computer:

The Great Suspender — A lightweight Chrome extension to let you manage when tabs should be put "to sleep" or suspended — anywhere from 20 seconds to 3 days.

So now you can keep your Gmail, Facebook, and several other tabs open in the background without any fear of slowing down your computer system, and access those tabs again at any point you would like to.

I'm sure there are other extensions as well, but this one has worked fantastic for me and dramatically improved my Chrome and my overall surfing experience.

Automatically Suspend Tabs with The Great Suspender to avoid Browser Slow down or Crash:

The Great Suspender extension effectively allows you to automatically suspend specific tabs that aren't in use after a set number of minutes. But worry not, as you can restore any particular tab by clicking anywhere on the page when required.

Thus, if you have a lot of tabs open in your web browser at one time and you want all of them to keep open, you can automatically avoid them eating up your computer's memory and battery life by suspending them, but also keeping them readily available when required.

The Great Suspender gives you the option to suspend specific tabs manually as well while keeping them available in your tab bar.

Meanwhile, you can also add any site (such as Gmail, Facebook and so on) to a "whitelist," which will prevent certain pages from suspension no matter what.

There are some suboptimal alternatives, including the popular OneTab, which sucks all your open tabs into a list displayed in a single tab, but I prefer The Great Suspender as it keeps tabs visible and accessible even when they aren't active.

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