WATCH OUT! Mark Zuckerberg Can Deactivate Your Facebook Account Anytime
If you see any wall post or inbox message -- saying, "Warning!!! Facebook Security Warning!!! Do this before your account gets deactivated!," and urges you to follow some steps to reactivate your Facebook account, then just ignore it; It's a Facebook Scam!

Facebook has become one of the most popular website with more than one billion active users this year. Hundreds of people join the social networking website to reconnect with their old friends and get a chance to make new friends.

But, with the increase in various scams on Facebook to target users, it became very clear that not only does the social networking platform provide special opportunities for people to connect and share information; it also serves as a great and useful platform for scammers.

Once again scammers have targeted Facebook users by spreading new kind of scam that threatens users with account deactivation if they don't register it again. "Attention : to all facebook users Your Facebook Accounts will Permanently Disable if you don't register your acc in our facebook stop permanent disable !" wall post says.

Jovi Umawing from Malwarebytes has found a scammy post that claims to deactivate your account if you don't follow the given steps to register it again, as shown. The malicious scammy wall posts are uploaded by fake Facebook accounts, impersonating Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The 'Facebook account deactivation' scam is designed to gain automatic spammy likes from infected users, tag random friends on spammy posts and also auto-follow certain fake accounts.

We have seen various suspicious posts on Facebook, like "See your Friend's naked video", an app offering you a chance to see who has viewed your Facebook profile, and many more. Sometimes these scams are very obvious and easily avoidable, but many times they are irresistible and easy to fall for.

With more tech skills, modern scammers have ability to reach billions of potential victims with just a single message or post, and their scams are getting more dangerous and critical every day. Despite Facebook's security measures, safe and secured social networking rests in your own hands itself and if you aren't paying attention to such scams, you could fall for one such even without ever realizing.

So, if you are served with any suspicious link or post, do not click on it, no matter it's from your closest friend. "I reported the fake profiles to Facebook and encouraged my friend to do the same. Hopefully, we won't be the only one pushing for the site to be removed." Jovi said.

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