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Bitcoin Talk, the popular Bitcoin discussion forum, has been hacked and as it stands the site is currently unreachable.

Bitcointalk has been down for nearly 6 hours. The forums have been allegedly hacked and Defaced by "The Hole Seekers" and selling 150,000 emails and hashed passwords stolen from for 25 Bitcoins, where the passwords are hashed with sha256crypt.
Hacker embedded the "1812 Overture" song in the background with a dazzling animated picture show.

According to Bitcointalk admin Theymos, it's possible that the hackers gained access to the database. He says the website will not be restored until he figures out precisely what vulnerability the hackers leveraged. He's offering 50 Bitcoin to the first individual who can pinpoint the security hole.

See the video below for the Hack-in-Action:

"Hello friend, Bitcoin has been seized by the FBI for being illegal. Thanks, bye" reads one the message in the video.

To be safe, it is recommended that all Bitcoin Forum users consider any password used on the Bitcoin Forum in 2013 to be insecure.

There is no further information available currently, but on a Reddit thread the source code of Bitcointalk and JavaScript payload have been made available online for anyone to download.

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